May – June 2020

June, 2020



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Rob Lightfoot's mugshotOur hearts and thoughts go out to those affected by the Covid-19 outbreak sweeping the world and while this region thus far has been more fortunate than most, many of us have had our share of heartbreak when it comes to loved ones who’ve succumbed to the pandemic.

By far, this is the most sobering message this publication has ever had to deliver, but considering the circumstance, it’s more prudent to address this health scare than use this space otherwise dedicated to talking up the contents of a new edition hitting the stands. That said, we still want to provide material that we believe is entertaining, profound and adds some value to the lives of our audience.

And the most valuable thing we can say right now is to stay safe. Follow the guidelines set by Alberta’s chief medical officer of health. Wash your hands regularly. Stay at home. And if you do have to leave home for essentials, maintain the two-metre physical distancing protocol that’s helped mitigate the scare, which we’re told will

be with us for months to come.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to developments once the crisis starts to subside and practice whatever recommendations surface with those changes. If you can, support your local businesses who will badly need that backing to remain operating after the economic hardships brought on by the outbreak.

While we hope the content in this issue makes your time on the couch or patio more enjoyable, please take care of yourself, your families and other loved ones. Despite the irony of isolation from each other, we’re really all in this together.