May 2024

May, 2024



Spring Fashion

Wardrobe worlds collide in this season’s fashion outlook You don’t have to gaze at headlines or your social media accounts to realize… Read



Kingswood Disc Golf

Disc golf sets new heights at Kingswood Park. The City of St. Albert has put an entirely different spin on park recreation.… Read



Summer Cocktails

Bartenders and mixologists love to experiment with what’s in the cabinet to come up with new drinks all the time. While we… Read


Rob Lightfoot's mugshotWe regularly dedicate a great deal of space to what our readers cite as the best and most popular attractions and services in the city and once again, they came through with flying colours in our annual Best of T8N reader survey. Check the results of what’s tops in St. Albert in hundreds of categories. 

It’s a no-brainer why spring and style are inextricably intertwined, as creative types tend to get inspired by the arrival of a season budding and sprouting in a kaleidoscope of colour. It’s no accident that spring is when the hottest wardrobe hits the catwalks from New York to Paris. And it’s hardly coincidental why we regularly choose this time of year to showcase the most eye-catching apparel gracing local racks. Catch a panoramic showcase of what this year has to offer fashion-wise.

 But we’re just getting started. Dig a little deeper into this issue to create and serve some cocktail classics, check out products emblazoned in Peach Fuzz, Pantone’s colour choice for 2024, flip a frisbee at Kingwood’s new disc golf course, retrace the short, but vibrant, history of Bellerose Composite High School, and take in the eye-catching and ecological wonders of Big Lake.

Enjoy the issue and take advantage of the colourful tapestry surrounding you, inherent of what this spring has to offer.