Spring Fashion

May, 2024

Wardrobe worlds collide in this season’s fashion outlook

You don’t have to gaze at headlines or your social media accounts to realize we live in very confusing times when reality and reason seem to have lost their meanings. Add to the bewilderment the idea that going forward might also mean taking a few steps back. 

That appears to be the rationale behind this season’s fashion spread that takes a combination biodome and utilitarian approach, involving futuristic designs, while digging into the past to find one’s roots. Think jumpsuits with wide pant legs and cargo pockets for a look that’s not only attractive, but practical. Or bright and colourful ’70s designs hearkening the carefree spirit of that decade melding with muted earth tones to call to attention the need for environmental awareness that future generations will have to wrestle with.

As this photo essay reveals, those are mashups worth mulling over.

Bella Maas Boutique

370-5 Giroux Rd. St. Albert

Frock Box

445 St. Albert Tr., St. Albert

Special thank you to all involved

Francis Tetrault

Renee Poirier 

Wardrobe assistant:
Ashley Wilkinson 

Hair and make up:
Alicia Charles for
Blonde Brunette Hair Studio 

Em and Sidney 

Modelling agency:
Mode Models Location:
Kuhlmann’s Garden Center

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