Christmas 2023

April, 2024



Holiday Charitable Giving

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Christmas Light Displays

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Christmas Lights

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Rob Lightfoot's mugshotIf you want to credit anyone for illuminating the darkness of the holiday season, consider Edward H. Johnson. In 1882, Johnson had the bright idea of stringing together some red, white and blue light bulbs that colleague Thomas Jefferson created and wrapping them around a Christmas tree. Obviously, the rest is history. 

Since then, we’ve gone all out, especially in St. Albert, where no less than two charities are making the most of Edison’s invention to create panoramic attractions for locals to gape at for the next several weeks.  And if you want to replicate those installations on your own home, you can try doing it yourself or consider a professional. We weight those options for you.

Besides colourful lights, this time of year is also the season of giving, although several current events have created more obstacles for charities to reach their funding targets. What they face and how they plan to deal with those arising circumstances are explained.

Elsewhere, we present unique ways to make fondue, showcase some homegrown gift items, chat with Edmonton Youth Orchestra Music Director Michael Massey, and explore the history of our venerable neighbourhood of Grandin.

So enjoy the read and the season, stay warm, and try to give generously to those in need.