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January, 2018

Snackers Love Crackers

Hello, Yummy Valentine!


It’s that romantic time of year when one’s thoughts and surrendered inhibitions melt indulgently into… calories. Though we kid, there really is something to be said for food being the way to one’s heart. And when it comes to savoury delights, few are more comforting than salty, crispy crackers. That recipe for love is exactly what we’re baking up and sharing. Some of the crackers are cheesy and melt in your mouth. Others are sophisticated and worthy of wine. But whether paired with a bowl of comforting soup or eaten at a lovely dinner party, we hope these delicious crackers will satisfy your cravings—and hearts, too. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Pepper Jack “Everything” Crackers

Quinoa & Oregano Cumin Crackers

Parmesan Wonton Crackers

Walnut Raisin Rosemary Toasts

Goldfish Crackers


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