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Snacks: Oh, Baby! Add some yum to your baby shower

February, 2018

Move over, finger sandwiches. This baby shower is more of a doughnut affair. In fact, our entire menu is an offering of stereotype-smashing deliciousness. And for good reason—baby showers can be boring! There, we said it. Between the mingling with guests you don’t know and finding out that there will be baby games, a great cocktail and doughnut can help a shy guest settle in and feel more at home. And did we mention the french-fry bar? Yup. It’s officially a party. And so it should be! A baby shower is a celebration, and a special one at that. So bring your best you and a little extra room—for doughnuts! Oh, baby!

Doughnut Rattles

Carrot Cupcake Rattles

Sorbet Mom-osa

Clam Chowder with Warm Salsa

Raspberry Fizz Mocktail

Horshradish Aoli

French Fry Bar

Parsley Lemon Salt

Tomato & Basil Bocconcini Bites


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