March 2018

February, 2018



Grieving and Dealing With Loss
Mourning, Noon & Night - Dealing with loss and the grieving process

Loss, and the grief that often follows it, are normal parts of life. Even so, the symptoms of grief can be varied… Read



Modern Mama
Where St. Albert moms meet

As lives change, so do friendships—and having a child is the mother of all life changes. Before kids, friendly banter consisted of… Read



Oh, Baby! Add some yum to your baby shower

Move over, finger sandwiches. This baby shower is more of a doughnut affair. In fact, our entire menu is an offering of… Read


Baby delivery etiquette
A MEET-OUR-BABY PLAN - Voicing your wishes to well-wishers

Overwhelming, joyful, exhausting, exhilarating … did we mention overwhelming? Bringing a new life into the world is an emotional roller-coaster ride. You… Read


Eventful. It’s one of those words that divide. Some people see it and think, “Oooh, exciting!” Others wrinkle their foreheads and squint suspiciously. I, unequivocally, belong to the latter group—Team Squint (In unsubstantiated skepticism we trust!). Perhaps it’s the writer in me that leaps to fill in the blanks, but given the opportunity, my imagination will always get the better of me. But isn’t that also kind of wonderful? Indulging in that moment when anything and everything seems infinitely possible? It’s with that same spirit of wonder that we explore life’s eventful moments in this month’s issue of T8N. And we’re starting with goodbyes…

Loss and the grieving process are both things we are all too familiar with. Yet despite their universality, we all deal with them differently. In this month’s feature article, Mourning, Noon & Night, we explore some ways to deal with loss and understand the grieving process. From there, we switch gears and head out to Swish Flowers to marvel at how flowers help us commemorate our most meaningful moments. Speaking of meaningful moments…

Anyone planning a baby shower? Have we got a menu for you! From doughnuts and cocktails to a french-fry bar, this month’s recipe section is a stereotype-smashing party. Ready to join and raise a glass? Well then, here’s to life and all its paths and hands to hold while walking them.

Happy March, everyone.