December 2017

November, 2017



Tips for a giving in the festive season
Cheers to Giving

The holiday season is supposed to be a time for resting and reconnecting with loved ones—not to mention figuring out what to… Read



Landmark Cinemas 8 St. Albert
Cinema returns in a big comfy way

You could say it’s been a long winter for St. Albert movie-goers. But now, the wait for a cinema complex in this… Read



Holiday treats and baking
Go Bake or Go Home - Holiday shortcuts for the win

No time for holiday baking? We understand. In fact, we overstand! With to-do lists as tall as a Rockefeller Christmas tree, finding… Read


Drinks of Dickens
Drink Like the Dickens? - Six libations from the pages of Dickens

Long before we had characters like George Bailey and The Grinch, we had Charles Dickens to teach us about the true meaning… Read


What was that? The most wonderful time of the year? Um, could I get someone to double-check that for me, please? Yes, I am kidding. But, no, I’m not kidding either. Between those parties for hosting and marshmallows toasting and loved ones so near, it’s also the cray-craziest time of the year. *If * you let it be. And that, right there, is the rub… Cue the Ghost of Christmas Past!

Yes, Charles Dickens actually does make an appearance in this issue, but before you reach that article, you’ll have long discovered this month’s not-so-subtle theme, which is Be of Good Cheer. Leading the way is our feature article, called Cheers to Giving. In it we explore simple ways to fight off the stress of the holidays by giving back to others. From upcycling your Christmas tree at a wildlife shelter to donating blood, the list of things to give and do is inspiring.

Also inspiring is this month’s recipe section, called Go Bake or Go Home: Holiday shortcuts for the win! And impressive ones they are. Some involve modest compromises; others are full-on cheats; but all put the mmm back in merry.

Ready to tuck in and feel good? We’ve got you covered. And that, as Dickens would have it, makes us feel good too.

Be of good cheer!