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Exercise routines and places: Anything BUT ROUTINE - Go ahead, sweat it

December, 2015

woman ready to run, exerciseYou are always stronger than you think you are. It’s a great mantra to live by. But some days, feeling motivated takes more than thinking positively. It takes doing. For that, you need every trick in the book—starting with great workout wear. It may seem like a small detail, but sometimes just looking the part is all the extra confidence you need to get started. We found our inspiration at two fabulous shops right here in St. Albert: Sweet-Legs and Elevate Activewear. From take-names running tights to lacey legwarmers, there’s an inspiration here for everyone. So go on and sweat the details. Then crush them in style. Take a look.

There’s no shortage of great places to work out in St. Albert. Our photo shoot took us to the fabulous track at Servus Place, but you can also find great trails and running clubs just outside most St. Albert doors.


1  Beyond Yoga Practice Cami, from Elevate Activewear, $84
with Karma Kata Tight, from Elevate Activewear, $94
2  Rebel Chic Running Hat, from Elevate Activewear, $28

3  Lija Long Sleeve Top, from Elevate Activewear, $85
with Toni Revolve Short, from Elevate Activewear, $54

4  Oakley Plank Yoga Tote, from Elevate Activewear, $70
with Eco Yoga Mat, from Elevate Activewear, $65



030915_172Looking to shake things up with a new routine? Welcome to barre class. Besides being a fantastic workout, it’s also a great place to flex your style. Our shoot took us to the Sculpt Barre in St. Albert, where our fabulous hosts showed us some strength in motion.  t8n

5  Honeybea Bumwarmer, from SweetLegs, $59

6  Tonic Tranquil Tank, from Elevate Activewear, $77

7  Leggings, from SweetLegs, $25 each

8  Be Love Raglan, from Elevate Activewear, $80
with Grace & Lace Legwarmers, from SweetLegs, $35



Find Your Fit Mixing it up and trying new workouts will help keep your fitness routine fresh. So check out drop-in classes at places like Servus Place, Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club, Sculpt Barre and Abundant Peace Aikido and Tai Chi.


The 100 ClubLooking for incentive? Take 100 classes at the Sculpt Barre, and you’ll get to write your name on the 100-Club barre.


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