CRAIG CAMERON Council Questionnaire

September, 2017

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Questions provided by Nolan Crouse (edited by T8N)

T8N: If you were to change one thing specific to the City of St. Albert itself, what would that be? And if you were to change one thing within the community itself, what would that be?

CC: I would like to see the city of St. Albert advance its commitment to open data. I want more of the community to feel that its voice has been heard and considered in council decisions

.T8N: What will be the first item that you plan to bring forward for council debate immediately after the election?

CC: I will ask council to address the request to re-zone and land swap space along the Sturgeon River in Braeside.

T8N: What governance or policy change that council operates under today needs to be changed immediately?

CC: Council should review its meeting process. Council meetings starting at 2pm makes it challenging for average citizens to address council or hear its discussion. Long agenda packages and increasing long meeting times can deter citizens from taking interest in how their city is governed.


Questions provided by David Climenhaga (edited by T8N)

T8N: Never mind the question of a branch library or the location of services. What is your view of the long-term viability of library services in our community? Are you prepared to continue funding library services at a level that permits continuation of present levels of service while accounting for increases in population?

CC: Yes

T8N: Alberta law requires a legal separation between city councillors and city employees: Employees report to the city manager; the city manager reports to council. What is your view of the proper working relationship between front-line employees and city councillors?

CC: Council should respect the organizational structure. Council’s responsibility is to set a course and to trust city staff get us there.

T8N: What can and should be done to ensure the continued viability of St. Albert’s downtown Perron Street District?

CC: I see the downtown as the cultural heart of St. Albert. We should look to focus efforts here that draw citzens’s and visitors to celebrate who we are as a people..

T8N: Never mind the sequencing of traffic lights on St. Albert Trail. Where do you stand on the calls by some residents for a 40 kilometre-per-hour speed limit in residential neighbourhoods?

CC: In my neighbourhood, most traffic already moves below 40km/hr. Residential areas need to be safe and inviting for residents to be out. Lowering speed limits can help to support this.

T8N: There are many savings and benefits that could be realized by being part of a regional transit system. Are you prepared to work toward the participation or inclusion of St. Albert Transit in a regional transit system?

CC: Yes

T8N: What is your position on the extension of a regionally financed LRT system from downtown Edmonton to St. Albert?

CC: This is something that we need to take into account as part of long-term planning.

T8N: There are many savings and benefits that could be realized by being part of a regional policing system. Are you prepared to work toward the creation of a Capital Region Police Force in which St. Albert would participate?

CC: Regional partership and plannig is going to be important for St. Albert. We have resonponsability to explore regional opportunities and thier impact on serivce to the community.

.T8N: As St. Albert grows, it is coming under pressure for increased recreation facilities, including additional ice sheets and swimming pools. Would you as councillor be prepared to work to create joint public projects for the development of recreational facilities involving any or all of the County of Parkland, Town of Morinville, County of Sturgeon and City of Edmonton?

CC: We know that people from around the region use our facilties and access or recreation and sport programs. It only makes sense that we engage our neighbours in new public developmen

T8N: St. Albert citizens complain constantly about the cost of operating a city the size of St. Albert, including the costs of duplication of services and the heavy reliance on the municipal tax base on residential properties instead of businesses. If substantial tax savings for residents could be shown, are there circumstances in which you would agree to or support amalgamation of St. Albert with the city of Edmonton?

CC: This question about who we are. A foundational shift like this much larger than dollars and cents.

T8N: Parking at St. Albert Place and in the downtown district continues to be a problem for the city. What is your preferred solution to this situation: Leave it alone? Build a parkade? Paid street parking? Other?


T8N: What is your vision for St. Albert’s role in the Capital Regional District?

CC: To be a strong leader within the region and strong advocate for needs of St. Albert.


Questions provided by Tim Osborne (edited by T8N)

T8N: What do you believe is the role of a councilor?

CC: To listen. To respect. To consider. To resond.

T8N: How would you address the balance between doing what may be in the best interest of the community despite the act being unpopular? 

CC: Council’s responsibility is to do what is in the best interest of the city. Council actions should be guided by vision for a strong future and citizens should be provided with a clear rationale for decisions that are made

T8N: Is there a role for third party or anonymous advertising / communication in municipal elections? Explain.


T8N: What is your vision for increasing the housing options in our community?



T8N Magazine Questions 

T8N: What would be your reasons for / against switching to a ward system in St.Albert?Wards can increase the level of civic engagement and council

CC: Wards can increase the level of civic engagement and council accountabilty. It is time to take a look.

T8N: Are there any actions / directives / projects undertaken by the previous council that you would like to stop / undo / dramatically change?  Why?

CC: I would like to see council make decions and move forward. Delaying or continually revisiting decisions hinders our abilty to grow and shrinks councils focus to narrow range of issues, when there are many issues that need to be addressed.

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