2016 – 2017 Reader Survey results

February, 2018

2016 – 2017 Reader Survey results

April 20, 2017

Council recently rejected a proposal to include a capital project plebiscite on the fall ballot. Do you think the plebiscite should be on the ballot?

Yes    54%

No    46%

March 24, 2017

Who would you like to be St.Albert’s next mayor?

(top answers)


Tim Osborne   &   Marie Renaud

Runner up  Cathy Heron

March 9, 2017

If the election were held today, would you vote for St.Albert’s councillors?

Wes Broadhead     YES  55%,   NO   45%

Cathy Heron          YES 38%,   NO  62%

Sheena Hughes     YES 30%, NO  70%

Cam MacKay         YES  31%,   NO  69%

Tim Osborne         YES  67%,  NO  33%

Bob Russell            YES 11 %, NO  89%

February 15, 2017

If the provincial election were held today, for whom would you vote? 

Marie Renaud, NDP   81%

Nolan Crouse, Liberal   4%

Stephan Khan,  6%

Unnamed Wildrose, 7%

Other 2 %

Other included responses like, Unified conservative candidate, independent.

Would your vote change if Nolan Crouse were leader of the Liberals?

4% would be more inclined to vote for Mr. Crouse

5% would be less inclined to vote for Mr. Crouse

91% of votes would remain unchanged.

January 1, 2017


How much did you spend on Xmas gift this year?

Same as last year.   35%

Less than last year  55%

More than last year  10%


December 3, 2016

Do you intend to get a flu vaccine, this fall, for you or your family?pie_chart_flu_vaccine

Yes, just me    21%

Just the kids   0%

Yes, all of us   38%

No, but my spouse has / will.   4%

No, none of us.   37%

October 4, 2016

What do you think of the pay raise for the mayor and city councillors?pay_raise

Great, good compensation is deserved for this work.   21%

 Okay, better to have a simple system than lessor salary and per diems  7%

Bad, per diem rewarded work, straight salary does not  29%

Bad, they are overpaid already  21%

Great for Mayor, not for councillors   0%

Great for councillors, not for mayor   0%

Other answers, 21 %, included

“Bad time for increases”

“They need to be more accountable, not better paid”

“They should be full time jobs”.

September 13, 2016

traffic_circleWhat do you think about the traffic circle at St.Anne St?

It is great, love traffic circles and it is great there.    24%

It is great, not a fan of traffic circles, but I love this one.   5%

Not so great, I like traffic circles, but why is it there?  14%

Not so great, traffic circles are evil?  5%

We spent what? on What?   52%

September 6, 2016
What do you think of Councillor Bob Russell’s emails to staff and fellow elected officials?

emails_v2Unacceptable to treat people that way.  89%

Unacceptable to put such things in writing.  2%

Such comments should be presented face to face.  2%

Not got, but understandable given the circumstances.  5%

Fine, his job is to address these issues.  0%

Fine, staff and fellow councillors are accountable for their actions.  2%

August 30, 2016

UnknownWere you bothered by the recent explicit images / ads on the #stalbert hashtag on twitter?

Yes they were offensive  8%

Yes, they interfered with personal use of twitter  23%

Yes, they interfered with professional use of twitter  8%

No, I do not use twitter  31%

No, just more ads  23%

Other  8%

August 4, 2016
Does the imminent Canada Post Strike / Lock out affect or concern you?

Mail_StrikeYes, I need it for personal mail   18%

Yes, my business needs regular mail services  9%

Yes, for both my business and my personal mail needs. 27%

No, who needs the mail service anymore??  45%

July 4, 2016

Will, or how will, Walmart’s decision to stop accepting Visa cards as payment affect your shopping plans?

Stop shipping at Walmart   17%

Walmart_VisaUse different payment method  17%

I do not shop at Walmart, so no effect  17%

I use a credit card, so no effect  17%

I use cash or debit, so no effect  17%

Who cares, a spat between massive corporations 17%

June 15, 2016Results_Draper
What do you think of Patrick Draper’s dismissal as City Manager

Wise and Appropriate move by City Council..  68%

Terrible Move, he should not have been dismissed    0%

Not sure, do not know enough.     32%




May 18, 2016

What Parking would you prefer on Perron Street?

Survey_Parking_PerronAngle Parking   54%

Parallel Parking  39%

No Parking  7%






May 11, 2016

Survey_1_Results_Bldng_HtWhat should the maximum building height be in the City of St.Albert?

10 storeys and under  57%

11 – 20 storeys   29 %

21 – 30 storeys  14%

Over 31 storeys  0%




May 4, 2016

Survey_1_ResultsShould the City of St.Albert pursue a plan to have an LRT line?

Yes    40%

No     60%

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