Crabby Caramel Apples

September, 2017

Caramel apples always seem like a good idea… until you can’t finish one. The solution? Crabapples!

10 crabapples

1 bag (340g) of Kraft caramels, unwrapped

Black food colouring (as many drops as you like)

2 tbsp whipping cream

Candy sprinkles

Place the caramels and whipping cream in a double boiler over medium-low heat. While they’re melting, wash and dry your apples, remove the stems and spear each with a candy stick. When the caramel is melted, stir in as many drops of black food colouring as you like. Next, roll the apples in the melted caramel; then dip them in a bowl of sprinkles before placing them on waxed paper to cool.

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