Truly Deeply Madly

Bright and Bold Fashions

May, 2022

Colour combos highlight this summer’s fashion statements.

This summer is all about welcoming the sun back into every corner of our lives, and your wardrobe closet is no exception. It’s a time to set those designer colour wheels spinning into overdrive to inspire the ocular boldness that comes with the season, meaning pick a shade — any shade —as long as it’s audacious enough to keep you in the best light possible.

But don’t stop there. Experiment with your clothes even more by complementing them with opposite colours, like pairing orange-reds with turquoise greens and violet with bright yellow accents. Or take the analogous route by pairing colours right next to each other on the spectrum, like red with violet. Now accent your outfits with accessories like fun hats, colourful shoes and big, fun earrings to bring more joy to the season. Above all, don’t worry about fashion rules or making mistakes with your choices. Follow your intuition with what you think looks best on you. After all, summer comes but once a year and in this part of the world, it’s never enough for us. Make the most of what we have. Now go forward and be bright and bold!

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