May 2018

April, 2018


Rob Lightfoot's mugshotNearly four years and forty issues have passed and we’ve yet to take a moment to celebrate the achievements of T8N’s creative team. So many well received articles, stunning photographs and fun ideas. The Best of T8N issue seemed like an appropriate time to do this.

As we share the winners of our local reader’s poll, we also thought we could choose some of our editorial highlights and show them to you again. We’ve poured through the most popular feature articles, some of the most powerful images, and we think the content resonates as much today as when it was originally printed.

Our chosen feature article was going to be the “Sex Education in Alberta,” but, frankly, too much has changed since it was originally printed. So, our next choice is “Ruffling Feathers,” which talked about backyard chickens. We’ve also chosen our very first “Then & Now.” There’s a food theme to most our choices, including a great selection of recipes.

We hope that you will enjoy this walk down memory lane, and that you enjoy the content as much now as you did when we first brought it to you.

Rob Lightfoot