May 2017

April, 2017


Best Of T8N – 2017

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math careers
Where the Girls Aren’t - Attracting girls to math and science careers is in everyone’s interest

Close your eyes and imagine a mathematician. Or an engineer. Or a physicist. If your imagined figure is male, well, that’s no… Read



Special Olympics
Best of the Best - The power of the Special Olympics

In the traditional Olympic Games, we’re used to seeing athletes push themselves beyond their limits for a shot at the gold medal.… Read


Midtown Apothecary
Relief for your ailments and your sweet tooth

These days, most pharmacists can be found either tucked away behind counters in the back of grocery stores or managing shops that… Read



Cakes and other baking
Batter Up! - The Bundt cake is back

We all know someone special who used to make Bundt cakes. A favourite aunt, the next-door neighbour or maybe it was even… Read


A Mimosa Bar - It’s time to step up your brunch game

The mimosa’s been making champagne waves since its birth during the Roaring Twenties. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to picture brunch without it—especially… Read


G Is for Gin
It’s gin o’clock somewhere

You know you’re dreaming about them. Those hot summer days when the mercury rises and gin has a way of going with… Read


Happy May, and welcome to this month’s very special issue—our 2nd Annual Best of T8N. In it we’re celebrating all your picks for the best places and services in St. Albert. But before we get started, we want to thank everyone for taking time to
participate in our Best of T8N survey. Like last year, we were thrilled by how many people voted and took the time to have their say.

In addition to sharing our survey results, we’re also delivering our regular features, starting with a conversation about STEM careers and why attracting girls to math and science careers matters. From there, our photo essay captures a portrait of the Special Olympics and the community-building power of sports. Piqued your interest? Well, hang on tight then; we’re just getting started…

This month’s Meet You There takes us to Midtown Apothecary, where you’ll find relief for your ailments and your sweet tooth. And speaking of sweets, batter up! We’ve got Bundt cakes on the menu. To wash them down, we’re suggesting a Mother’s Day mimosa bar and all the info for setting one up in style. In this month’s 8s, we’re offering tips for meeting your in-laws (Tip #1: Don’t spent too much time at the mimosa bar!).

Ready to get started? Then welcome to the Best of T8N—an extra special issue, thanks to you.

Happy reading.