June 2017

May, 2017



Elective Egg Freezing
Borrowed Time - The science of elective egg freezing

In the sixties, the feminist movement told women they could have it all. Women took up the call for equality, fought for… Read



The Collective
Setting up St. Albert youth for success

Life hasn’t changed much since Ben Huising was a student attending Paul Kane High School in the mid 1990s. “It was rough,”… Read


Teen Dating
Tips for Talking to Teens About Dating

For many parents, few things inspire fear like their teen starting to date—and it’s no wonder. From broken hearts to high-risk relationships,… Read


Balsamic recipes
Beautiful Balsamic - Pucker up to delicious!

Honey may catch more flies than vinegar, but let’s face it—who gives a hoot about flies when there are brownies to eat?… Read


June. It kinda comes out of nowhere. Except for that it doesn’t. We wait for it—impatiently. And dream about it—incessantly. Then bing bang bloom—there’s lawn beneath your feet, and the thought of mowing it doesn’t even bother you. There are bicycles to dust off and Adirondack chairs to sink into—the whole summer’s ahead of you, and you can’t help but feel like a kid again… But with a cocktail. This month’s articles are all about that dichotomy: the awareness of getting older and the joys of feeling young at heart. What better place to begin than at the Odd-Lot Puppetry Company, the inspiration for this month’s photo essay.

From there, we took to St. Albert to explore Riverlot 56 and its knack for remaining unchanged. Also on this month’s TOC: tips for talking to teens about relationships, resources for seniors tackling technology and a feature article that explores vitrification—an egg-freezing process that could offer women more reproductive options.

And didn’t someone mention cocktails? We’re shaking them (eight, in fact) and serving them up with summer’s secret ingredient—balsamic vinegar. Ready to raise your glasses?

Here’s to a happy June. And some well deserved sunshine.