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Sewing & Repair Kits

November, 2022

Mason jars have expanded their importance around the humble abode from canning local preservatives to storing nuts and bolts on the tool bench. Folks have since found more innovations for the classic glass container such as planters for growing herbs, safe holders for candles, and even percussion instruments for inspired musicians.

Another idea involves converting a jar into a versatile sewing and repair kit, allowing users to store their needles, thread and other items in the container, while converting the lid into a pin cushion. It’s not only easy to make but downright handy to store items designed eliminate those nasty rips and tears in your wardrobe. 

First cut a circle of fabric about two inches wider than the lid’s diameter, then sandwich a ball of stuffing between the circle of fabric and the Mason jar lid piece. Next, pull the fabric over the stuffing and Mason jar lid and secure it with glue, before slipping the pin cushion part into the jar’s lid ring. You may need to “wiggle” the stuffing around to get the ring piece to pop on.

Finally, fill the jar with some fun and helpful sewing supplies, like the eight suggestions listed here, all available at Quiltessentials Co.

  • Sulky Cotton Thread $8.39 each and Aurifil Cotton Thread $7.19 each
  • Clover Flower Head Pins $21.99 and Copper Ball Head Pins $5.49
  • Selina Hudson Designs Mini Hoop Needle Minder $14.80
  • BOHIN France Assorted Needles $15.10 and $4.10
  • Graphic Impressions Mini Magnifier $6.29 and Seam Ripper $3.99
  • Rose Gold Folding Scissors $5 and Thimble $3.99
  • Wooden Measuring Tape Keychain $11.39
  • Coordinates 3 Button Pack $3.30, Inspire Buttons $5.00, and Tilda ‘Windy Days’ Button Pack $7.90

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