September – October 2019

August, 2019


Rob Lightfoot's mugshotHow ironic that at least in this northern hemisphere, the natural world starts packing it in before the first snowfall, while us humans gear up for autumn, with vacations concluding and schools opening their doors once again. No doubt many of us face a seasonal shock when lazing under the sun eventually gives way to hustling our butts out the door.

Fortunately, we have a few remedies, from energy snacks for students on page 23 to products designed to keep us relaxed on page 20. And for women in particular, Paula Kirman profiles the Mystic Sisters who have their own exotic take on bodily and spiritual health on Page 11.

We also chose this month to address the topic of school uniforms, a non-issue to most of us, yet one that has had enough merit for education systems in Ontario, Quebec and the U.S. to shift towards that requisite attire. Markwell Lyon examines whether the same sentiments are surfacing in school systems in this region on page 6. Uniforms might not be an issue at Lois E. Hole Elementary, save for an athletic squad of youngsters dubbed Hole’s Hornets, who likely hit the trail in the appropriate gear for running on page 30.

With all that said, it’s at least still warm and sunny enough to take in such attractions as Riel Park (page 16) and the Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm (page 28), which goes to show that as long as the mercury isn’t dipping too radically, you can still have some fun on what left of those warm sunny days.