October – November 2019

October, 2019


While putting together the content for this edition of T8N, I couldn’t help noticing a theme running through the material. Sometimes, it’s by accident and such was the case here, but it’s an observation worth noting.

Rob Lightfoot's mugshotMuch of what’s written in these pages has to do with the idea of helping one another, such as our volunteer story in The 8s (Page 18), where we highlight a number of charities and worthy causes that could use a few hands. Our story on the Little Bits program highlighted that notion while covering this unique not-for-profit endeavour to provide comfort for the disabled (Page 11).

Then we focused our gratitude towards five First World War soldiers whose identities and efforts to preserve our freedom were undocumented until recently (Page 16). That theme continued while chronicling the history of this city’s fire and rescue service and its men and women who put their lives on the line to keep us safe. (Page 20).

Our feature on kids’ mental health and drug use (Page 6) is also thematic, especially with the opioid crisis hitting our country. With alarming statistics that concern the state of young people’s health, we hope that concerned parents benefit from awareness of the issue and do what they can to help their children.

Rounding off our content is a look at the Jarome Iginla dedication event in August (Page 30) and a menu of soups and stews recipes (Page 23) to help endure the coming winter. With the cold weather approaching, we could all use a little warmth these days, especially from the heart. Keep that in mind as you enjoy this read.