January 2017

December, 2016



Fentanyl – Understanding the Crisis
Why information is our best defence

Does it seem like every time you turn around, there’s another story about fentanyl? You’re not mistaken. Just a year ago, Health… Read



Chartier Restaurant
A restaurant with community at its heart

Sylvia and Darren Cheverie have dreamed of opening a restaurant since they first met over nine years ago. Chartier has been the… Read



Some Things Need Dumplings - Ready, set, dough!

There’s just something about dumplings. Those little bundles of goodness, oh-so-perfect for dipping, stuffing, topping and devouring. Which is probably why you… Read


Tips for Renting a Vehicle

Vacations should be relaxing, but they can get pretty stressful when you’re spending too much of your holiday checking bus schedules or… Read


When you think about it, it’s kind of funny. January, in all of its fresh-start glory, has a way of making us feel … well… less than fresh and glorious. Not surprisingly, this has everything to do with the year that’s past and little to do with January itself. Just the same, there’s nothing like a little winter getaway. And travel is exactly what’s on our editorial agenda. But don’t pack just yet! Some of the best winter escapes are just down the road. Let’s go…

To start things off, this month’s photo essay takes us to the Muttart Conservatory—a tropical escape in the heart of Edmonton. But that’s no t the only neighbour we’re visiting. This month’s Meet You There has us heading southeast to Chartier Restaurant in the community of Beaumont—the first crowd-funded restaurant in Alberta. For those craving a destination more than an hour away, we’ve got tips for planning a destination wedding, renting a vehicle—and even advice for how to blog about it.

Rounding out this month’s editorial is an empowering feature article that explores the

overwhelming topic of fentanyl and helps us understand why information is our best defence.

A full issue, indeed. And a great beginning to 2017—a year of ideas, conversations and community. Let’s make it a great one. And let’s do it together.