February 2017

January, 2017



Universal Health Care
An (Almost) Universal Healthcare System - Making sense of prescription drug prices

Canadians have long been proud of their universal healthcare system—and—fast to compare it to the state of healthcare in the United States.… Read


Stephen Khan – Interview
A T8N exclusive interview

Most residents of St. Albert will remember Stephen Khan as the Progressive Conservative MLA who represented our city from 2012 to 2015.… Read



Art at River Ridge Retirement Home
Finding the Artist Within

Pablo Picasso famously said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Well,… Read


Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club
Setting the tone for fitness in St. Albert

Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club (SVAC) has been going strong in St. Albert for more than two decades. So much more than your… Read



Taking The Day Off

With so much of our daily lives spent trying to please others, we sometimes forget to give ourselves a little break. And… Read


Love at First Bite - We’ve got a crush on chocolate

Oh, Valentine’s Day. How you turn our hearts aflutter at the slightest thought of being near… chocolate! But not just any chocolate—we’re… Read


February. It kinda sneaks up on you. But not in an altogether bad way. We’re just so busy in January setting the new year “right,” that we get a little pummelled by our lists of good intentions. Somewhere around right now, our “New Year, New You” T-shirts start to itch a little. And smell a lot. Well, cue February—the Command Z of resolutions gone sideways.

Intrigued? Good. Because it’s time we all cut ourselves some slack and started thinking of our New Year’s resolutions as
“get-tos” rather than “got-tos.” Sometimes, that takes a few tries. And those tries are what this month’s “Take Care” theme is all about—giving ourselves more chances to be a little better to ourselves. To get you (and us) inspired, we’re exploring topics such as workplace wellness, art in retirement homes—even the dangers of Dr. Google.

And since taking care includes indulgence in moderation, we’ve baked up a recipe section that’s decidedly… to die for. That’s right. We’re talking chocolate, in all its glorious incarnations. We’ve added it to bread dough and waffle batter, drizzled it on coconut squares and even combined it with red wine to make Valentine’s cupcakes.

So join us in welcoming February and the chance to turn “got-tos” into “get-tos.”

Take care!