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Lace: Amazing Lace - What’s old is new again

January, 2017

Gone are the days of lace being thought of as either risqué or crochet. Today’s lace—in all its interpretations—is as dynamic as the individuals who fancy it. It’s being imposed onto textiles and stencilled onto cakes, upcycled into jewellery and fashioned into apparel. It’s for everyone. Lucky for us, it’s also everywhere. From small shops and galleries to box stores and malls, there’s a place to find lace around every corner.

Fulton Umbrella, from Marshalls, $11
Vintage Charms Key Necklace, from Haiku Lane, $38 each
Lace-trimmed Scarf, from Marshalls, $29.99
Mod Pots Ceramics Dandy Cups & Granny Vases, from Art Gallery of St. Albert,
$18 to $30 each



Cake Stencilled with Lace Doily and Powdered Sugar


Rebellion Lace Bomber, from Marshalls, $29.99
Stronger iPhone Case, from Winners, $12.99
Voluspa Mini Tin Candles, from Chapters Indigo, $11 each



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