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May 26 Newsletter: Part Two of Best Day Trips From St. Albert

May, 2016

You don’t need excuses to have a day trip, just reasons. Check out the rest of these suggestions for a “bit of an explore” outside of St. Albert city limits–and you don’t have lots of time or money to plan these getaways.

Art and Culture

  • Devonian Botanic Gardens: A great destination for aspiring botanists, green thumbs or those just looking for some peace.
  • Tour of the World’s Largest: Every small town in Alberta has its own “World’s Largest” object. But how many have you visited? Go on this unconventional pilgrimage to get to know some of the towns of your province and the beautiful landscape in-between.

Wilderness and Nature

  • Elk Island National Park: A great spot for wildlife sightings, hiking trails, canoe trips and more. A day trip to Elk Island is the best way to get out into nature and still be home in time for dinner.

History and Heritage

  • Metis Crossing: Of course, not all settlers to Alberta were European pioneers. Metis Crossing offers a different perspective on Alberta’s history, celebrating the First Nations and Metis contributions to the region.


  • Pembina River: If you want to cool down in the water, but swimming doesn’t appeal to you, grab your inner-tube and head down to the Pembina River. Let the current take you along while you relax in the sun.
For more ideas on where to go and what to do in St. Albert and the surrounding area this summer, be sure to pick up your copy of Summer in the City or click here.

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