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June 8 Newsletter St. Albert Farmer’s Market

June, 2016

Get Ready for the St Albert Farmers’ Market

St Albert Farmers’ Market, photo taken by Agatha Grochowski

Yes, it’s almost here. Rain or shine, the St. Albert Farmers’ Market will be sprawled out over St. Anne and St. Thomas Streets with over 250 stalls of all sorts of goodies. For those who have never been or need a refresher, here are a few things you should know before enjoying the largest outdoor farmers’ market in western Canada.

  • The market is a food establishment, so no smoking and no dogs permitted unless it’s a service dog.
  • To spare you the hassle of finding parking, the Landrex Park n’ Ride offers the option of parking at St. Albert Centre and catching a free bus ride to the market’s doorstep; the Botanical Loop will start June 18 and will stop at St. Albert Centre, the Enjoy Centre, St. Albert Botanic Park and the St. Albert Farmers’ Market.
  • There’ll be over 250 vendors in front of St. Albert Place, as well as live music to entertain you. You’ll see some familiar stalls and some new ones. Of course, there’ll be fresh fruit and vegetables; there’ll be wood furniture and woodcrafts for any need; annuals, perennials, cut flowers; definitely food such as breads, French patisserie, meat, poultry, fish, gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, sweets of all shapes and sizes, even something for Fido whom you left at home; there’ll be handmade jewellery; items to adorn your head and hair; bits and bobs for the babies and toddlers; even literature.
  • To replenish your energy, the market will have plenty of concession trucks about to offer you everything from Aussie tucker (from the Aussie Trucker) to curries with Naan (from Spice Rickshaw). Don’t forget the burgers, hot dogs, mini doughnuts, cold drinks, coffee and ice cream that will also be there.
  • Bring an umbrella and sunscreen to be safe. One never knows what the weather will be on market day, but if you’re prepared for it you’ll always have a great time.

For further information about the market click here.

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