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Urban Wildlife
How local wildlife is reacting to urban sprawl and what to do about it

Garnet Melnyk still remembers the food that was left out in a park in St. Albert’s Deer Ridge neighbourhood a few years… Read



Sandyview Farms
It’s a deli…It’s a restaurant

While residents in the Capital Region today can enjoy the convenience of the all-in-one shopping experience provided by supermarkets in their municipalities,… Read



Holiday Baking
Cook up some of these timely holiday treats

Need a treat for a neighbour or perhaps a holiday pick-me-up for a teacher or friend? We all know that when it… Read


Bird Friendly Yards
Making winter more tolerable with a bird-friendly yard

The sight of birds flying south is a familiar one in these parts, a sure sign that short days and shivery weather… Read


Rob Lightfoot's mugshotThis is the time of year when those warm and fuzzy feelings really come out. You can’t underestimate the magic that comes with the season of giving and how the forthcoming holidays provide opportunities to share some good times with friends and family.

Those warm fuzzies include animals, such as the household pets that give us additional joy. But as much as we’d like to include wildlife into that category, because a lot of them come across as adorable, we’re all better off leaving those creatures alone and appreciate them from a distance. That’s a bit more challenging these days as civic sprawl has taken over much previously untamed territory, meaning that those animals are more likely to find food and refuge in our communities. We look at the concerning wave of urban wildlife on page 6.

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of that wildlife, especially those of the avian variety. We offer one solution via our photo essay on winter birds, which runs down what species are prominent this year. As a bonus we show how to accommodate those winged wonders in your backyard on page 19.

Additionally we hope to provide some food for thought with our look at an extraordinary deli called Sandyview Farms (page 25), our rundown on the world’s most popular coffees (page 16) as well as some delicious baking recipes (page 10). Finally, we look at a couple of Spruce Grove institutions, namely Bertha Kennedy Catholic School (page 28) and the Yuletide lighting display at Elliot Place (page 30).

Happy holidays!