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Welcome to T8N Magazine’s survey page. We’ll be adding a new survey question almost every week to gauge your opinion or interest in a subject matter. We’ll be adding promotions for them on our newsletter, publishing the results of each on this page and, occasionally, in the pages of T8N Magazine. See the new question directly below, and previous questions below that.

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Jan 3, 2019














August 31, 2018







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June 21, 2018

Of these businesses, which would you most and least like located near your home?




October 24, 2017

How many candidates, that you voted for, were elected?

0 candidates    0%

1 candidates   10%

2 candidates   10%

3 candidates   3%

4 candidates   13%

5 candidates   41%

6 candidates   22%

7 candidates    0%

October 16, 2017

Should civic election candidates disclose contributors before the election?

Yes   64%

No   36%

September 21, 2017

What do you think of Perron St / St. Anne St Pedestrian Crossing?

29 %    The best solution to pedestrian / traffic flow needs

0%      The best way to encourage foot traffic downtown

7%       Okay, but slows car traffic

14 %     Okay, but only for the busy times, otherwise not needed

50%     A complete waste of time, money

July 27, 2017

The race for mayor is on … For Whom would you vote?

74 %    Cathy Heron

13%     Cam MacKay

7%      A third Choice, any third choice.

0%      Do not plan on voting

5%      Other

June 27, 2017

If St.Albert were to hold a plebiscite on Photo Radar, how would you like to see our community on the subject?

43%   Keep it, as is.

33%   Scrap it entirely

10%   Keep it, but only in specific, announced places.

14%    Keep it, but only if warning signage is placed

June 1, 2017

When marijuana becomes legal, how do you think it should be sold? (respondents could choose multiple answers)

Through a centralized government operated facility in Edmonton        6.67%

Through a government operated facility in St.Albert                                20.00%

Through all pharmacies                                                                                   20.00%

Through all liquor stores                                                                                 20.00%

Through locations currently selling tobacco products                              0.00%

Through pot / vape shops                                                                                13.33%

Through specifically licensed Marijuana retailers                                      46.67%

Through any business with license to do so.                                                13.33%

April 20, 2017

Council recently rejected a proposal to include a capital project plebiscite on the fall ballot. Do you think the plebiscite should be on the ballot?

Yes    54%

No    46%

March 24, 2017

Who would you like to be St.Albert’s next mayor?

(top answers)


Tim Osborne   &   Marie Renaud

Runner up  Cathy Heron

March 9, 2017

If the election were held today, would you vote for St.Albert’s councillors?

Wes Broadhead     YES  55%,   NO   45%

Cathy Heron          YES 38%,   NO  62%

Sheena Hughes     YES 30%, NO  70%

Cam MacKay         YES  31%,   NO  69%

Tim Osborne         YES  67%,  NO  33%

Bob Russell            YES 11 %, NO  89%

February 15, 2017

If the provincial election were held today, for whom would you vote? 

Marie Renaud, NDP   81%

Nolan Crouse, Liberal   4%

Stephan Khan,  6%

Unnamed Wildrose, 7%

Other 2 %

Other included responses like, Unified conservative candidate, independent.

Would your vote change if Nolan Crouse were leader of the Liberals?

4% would be more inclined to vote for Mr. Crouse

5% would be less inclined to vote for Mr. Crouse

91% of votes would remain unchanged.

January 1, 2017


How much did you spend on Xmas gift this year?

Same as last year.   35%

Less than last year  55%

More than last year  10%


December 3, 2016

Do you intend to get a flu vaccine, this fall, for you or your family?pie_chart_flu_vaccine

Yes, just me    21%

Just the kids   0%

Yes, all of us   38%

No, but my spouse has / will.   4%

No, none of us.   37%

October 4, 2016

What do you think of the pay raise for the mayor and city councillors?pay_raise

Great, good compensation is deserved for this work.   21%

 Okay, better to have a simple system than lessor salary and per diems  7%

Bad, per diem rewarded work, straight salary does not  29%

Bad, they are overpaid already  21%

Great for Mayor, not for councillors   0%

Great for councillors, not for mayor   0%

Other answers, 21 %, included

“Bad time for increases”

“They need to be more accountable, not better paid”

“They should be full time jobs”.

September 13, 2016

traffic_circleWhat do you think about the traffic circle at St.Anne St?

It is great, love traffic circles and it is great there.    24%

It is great, not a fan of traffic circles, but I love this one.   5%

Not so great, I like traffic circles, but why is it there?  14%

Not so great, traffic circles are evil?  5%

We spent what? on What?   52%

September 6, 2016
What do you think of Councillor Bob Russell’s emails to staff and fellow elected officials?

emails_v2Unacceptable to treat people that way.  89%

Unacceptable to put such things in writing.  2%

Such comments should be presented face to face.  2%

Not got, but understandable given the circumstances.  5%

Fine, his job is to address these issues.  0%

Fine, staff and fellow councillors are accountable for their actions.  2%

August 30, 2016

UnknownWere you bothered by the recent explicit images / ads on the #stalbert hashtag on twitter?

Yes they were offensive  8%

Yes, they interfered with personal use of twitter  23%

Yes, they interfered with professional use of twitter  8%

No, I do not use twitter  31%

No, just more ads  23%

Other  8%

August 4, 2016
Does the imminent Canada Post Strike / Lock out affect or concern you?

Mail_StrikeYes, I need it for personal mail   18%

Yes, my business needs regular mail services  9%

Yes, for both my business and my personal mail needs. 27%

No, who needs the mail service anymore??  45%

July 4, 2016

Will, or how will, Walmart’s decision to stop accepting Visa cards as payment affect your shopping plans?

Stop shipping at Walmart   17%

Walmart_VisaUse different payment method  17%

I do not shop at Walmart, so no effect  17%

I use a credit card, so no effect  17%

I use cash or debit, so no effect  17%

Who cares, a spat between massive corporations 17%

June 15, 2016Results_Draper
What do you think of Patrick Draper’s dismissal as City Manager

Wise and Appropriate move by City Council..  68%

Terrible Move, he should not have been dismissed    0%

Not sure, do not know enough.     32%




May 18, 2016

What Parking would you prefer on Perron Street?

Survey_Parking_PerronAngle Parking   54%

Parallel Parking  39%

No Parking  7%






May 11, 2016

Survey_1_Results_Bldng_HtWhat should the maximum building height be in the City of St.Albert?

10 storeys and under  57%

11 – 20 storeys   29 %

21 – 30 storeys  14%

Over 31 storeys  0%




May 4, 2016

Survey_1_ResultsShould the City of St.Albert pursue a plan to have an LRT line?

Yes    40%

No     60%