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May 11 e-Newsletter

May, 2016

It’s been a rough week for Alberta, but through all the anxiety and tragedy, we’ve witnessed true compassion springing up around the province and across the country––St. Albert included. Below you can find a brief account of how our community has stepped in to offer aid. Our thoughts continue to be with those affected by the fire, and our gratitude goes out to those still fighting to contain it.

On a happier note, the 2016 St. Albert Art Walk began last week to great success. If you’re new to the concept of Art Walks, we’ve got a little something to bring you up to speed. Also, wedding season has arrived, and we have a few trends we’d like to share with you. Lastly, there’s our photo-of-the-week pick; see what your fellow St. Albertan likes to enjoy in the great the outdoors.

Thanks for tuning in this week. Have a good one.

Art Walk St. Albert

Getting to know the local talent

Photo courtesy of Art Walk St. Albert
Supporting local artists always sounds good in theory, but if you’re not already involved in the local arts scene, it can be hard to know how to begin. Before you become a champion of the arts, you’ll need to find out who these local artists are and where their work can be found. Luckily, Art Walk St. Albert can help you out with that.

Art walks have been finding huge successes all over the world in recent years, and St. Albert’s own art walk is no exception. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, the basic idea is to gather a large number of a community’s artists in a single public space and allow them to display their work for all to see. Potential patrons are given the chance to stroll by each stall, talk with the artists, view their work and even show their support by purchasing any pieces that happen to catch their eye. This kind of exposure is invaluable to emerging artists and gives more established artists a chance to engage with the community that supports their craft.

St. Albert’s Art Walk kicked off its 14th season last Thursday and showcased the work of over 60 artists, all ranging from a wide variety of backgrounds. Painters, sculptors, musicians and artists of all kinds are allowed to register for the opportunity to display their work on the streets of our city. If you happened to miss May’s walk, there’s no need to worry. On the first Thursday of every month for the remainder of the summer, downtown St. Albert will turn into one giant gallery to be explored.

So whether you’re looking to redecorate the walls of your living room, hoping to discover the next Rembrandt or just curious what the artists of your city have been up to over the last year, make sure to mark the Art Walk down on your calendar for the next few months. All are welcome, and it’s free to attend. You’ve got four more chances to get out there and see what you’ve been missing.

For more information on the Art Walk or to find out how to register to display some work of your own, you can visit the official website here.

A Few Wedding Accessory Trends for 2016

Expressing the couple you are

Weddings are a big affair. Traditions for this major milestone in a couple’s relationship are slowly being altered to suit the persona of the couple. The big theme this year is romantic bohemia, sort of what would happen if Downton Abbey lived in caravans set in a field of wildflowers. You can surf the net for days to get every current trend out there, so to give you a helping hand, we’ve done the work for you. Here are a few trends to help light the inspiration flame on how to accessorize your upcoming nuptials.

  1. The Up-dos and Down-dos: Bedazzle your up-dos (think necklaces for buns). Look for hair clips with intricate metalwork, rhinestones and pearls in floral motifs, and nestle them against a braided bun to accentuate a backless dress. For flowing locks, the garden trellis is your inspiration. Braid in a rope of pearls (fake or real), and weave in pearl and rhinestone florets. If you want real flowers, a floral crown will create a fresh floral halo that accentuates your locks.
  1. The Flowers: Think outside the box and inside the frame. Recreating Old World Masters’ floral still lifes with cushy, multi-petalled flowers accentuated by small, in-season fruit and vegetables has become a trend. People are looking for that “just picked” look. Even incorporate herbs to add greenery and fresh scents for your guests. The Dutch Old Masters, such as Rembrandt, van Aelst and Ruysch are great inspiration. And if you like more than one arrangement, go for it. Mix it up for each table with non-matching arrangements.
  1. Satellite Bars: Have your regular bar, but then set up a satellite bar that to showcase your favourite spirit, wine, craft beer or cocktail. It could be the wine you drank when you first met or the cocktail you both had to celebrate your engagement. Tequila seems to be the alcohol du jour. So get creative with this off-shoot bar: a vintage bar cart, an old whisky barrel, flavour-infused ice cubes or personalized glassware.

For more inspiration read T8N’s wedding article.

St. Albert Businesses Step Up for Fort McMurray

These are only a small portion of what our city has done for our northern neighbours.

St. Albert is sending rotating fire crews to Fort McMurray to help contain the fires as of May 6th. Servus Credit Union Place, St. Albert Centre and Apex Casino have graciously allowed those who have travelled here with RVs and trailers from the Municipality of Wood Buffalo to park in their lots. Click here for further information.

New local gelato maker, Da Vinci, held a three-hour donation sale on May 7th where 100% of all gelato sold went to the Red Cross Fort McMurray Aid. St. Albert residents were generous as they got their scoop or two of gelato, handed over $20 and told the vendor to keep the change. In total, Da Vinci and its customers raised after only three hours and very short notice $1,240; the company topped it up to $1,500. They want to thank the St. Albert Singers’ Guild for serenading their gelato eaters, and all those who gave generously to the Fort McMurray cause.

“Yvonne Irnich & Felix Irnich of Da Vinci Gelato” Photo courtesy of T8N staff
Two local pet stores also gave a helping hand to those affected by the fire. Northern Albertan Pet Valu stores are collecting donations for the Red Cross and SPCA of which 100% of the money raised will be given. Paradise Pets is giving those affected by the fires 20% off all animal supplies until the end of July, plus are offering temporary pet boarding for small animals, birds and reptiles.

Please note: take care when donating. Make sure the organization is legitimate and/or you know the organization or company.

Photo of the WeekLast week’s call-out to St. Albert was “Your Favourite Outdoor Activity.” This week, Gordon M. sent in this shot of his favourite activity, which is probably in the top three for most St. Albertans.

 “An Afternoon Stroll by the River.” Photo courtesy of Gordon M.

Keep watching this space for the next Photo of the Week call-out.

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