January 2018

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Olympic sports and politics
Beyond the Podium - Where sports and politics compete

For two weeks this month, from February 9th to the 25th, the nations of the world will join together in the spirit… Read



St. Albert Nordic Ski Club
Home to local skiers since 1973

The St. Albert Nordic Ski Club formed 44 years ago in 1973, when a group of St. Albert families banded together to… Read



RSVP Wedding Rules
Going, going… meh, changed my mind!

The perfect fairy-tale wedding… it’s something many couples dream of when they’re tying the knot. It’s also a lot easier said than… Read


Get Saucy - Sometimes more is more

Life’s better when things get saucy, and this month’s recipes are proof of that. From the sweet to the savoury, there’s a… Read


While daydreaming about an overdue getaway, I happened upon this little nugget of wisdom: “If you’re going to fall, fall forward. At least you’re going somewhere.” Not exactly your idea of travelling? Mine either, but it’s hard to ignore good advice when you hear it. And advice and travel are exactly what this month’s articles are all about—beginning with a trip to the Olympic Winter Games! Sort of…

If, like many people, you are in awe of what it must take to compete in the Olympics, consider that there’s also one giant hurdle that no athlete can ever physically prepare for—the politics. In our feature article titled “Beyond the Podium,” we look back through the Olympic years to highlight those moments where sports and politics have collided. But our Olympic journey doesn’t end there. We’re also shining a bright, golden spotlight on PyeongChang, South Korea, host of the 2018 Winter Games.

Also on our travel log is a trip to the Alberta Aviation Museum. If you’ve never been, add it to your winter to-do list. We certainly came away inspired after our visit to capture this month’s photo essay. If a road trip is more your speed, we’ve got that covered, too. From a giant Easter egg in Vegreville, Alberta, to a signpost forest in Watson Lake, Yukon, our list of roadside attractions is sure to get your motor running. As for what’s around the rest of this issue’s corners, that’s for you to discover.

Enjoy the ride!