April 2017

March, 2017



Alberta’s Carbon Levy
Taxing Matters - Understanding Alberta’s Carbon Levy

Carbon tax. In Alberta, these two words are likely to ignite a heated conversation. In fact, many people can’t even agree on… Read



Value Village Thrift Store
Reuse, recycle and revamp your style

For close to three years now, Value Village has been bringing out our city’s thrifty side and satisfying even the savviest St.… Read



No-Litter Lunches

We’ve become accustomed to a certain level of convenience when it comes to packing our lunches. But the easiest option isn’t always… Read


Eggs and recipes
Farmyard Fresh - It’s eggs for the win!

There’s nothing like a farm-fresh egg, nor the experience of gathering them on a beautiful morning. And since nothing works up an… Read


Hello, April. Funny meeting you here. Especially since one of us is still catching up on March and January and a few things that need to be put away from Christmas. But, hey, how ya doing! If like mine, your 2017 voice is a little sore from the “Mi-Mi-Mi—M-e-e-s,” join me in changing tunes and celebrating someone who works harder than all of us: Mother Nature. Her to-do list alone! Between cleaning the air we breathe and dealing with all our blunders, her unending workload is embarrassingly unfathomable. So too is the amount we help out. Care to start changing that? Us, too. To begin, we’re learning about Alberta’s carbon levy and all the controversy that surrounds it.

From there, we take an inspired look at the world of houseplants, not only to admire their beauty but also to appreciate the air they clean. And since awareness is on the menu, so is a trip to St. Albert’s Value Village, where we discover how life-changing recycling can be. Also in this month’s issue: the tiny-house movement, the benefits of beeswax, tips for packing no-litter lunches and a recipe section that celebrates the humble (and delicious) egg—nature’s most perfect food.

Ready to get cracking? Us, too. How about we all begin with something from Mother Nature’s to-do list?

Welcome, April.