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Best of T8N – Health

January, 2016

Best acupuncturist:

Trudi Rumball at Off the Hook Spa, 102-30 Green Grove Dr.,

1st Runner-up:    Dr. Patricia Kelley Gutiérrez at Elements of Life Acupuncture and Wholistic Health Centre,

2nd Runner-up:   Dr. Henry Hwang, 350-5 Giroux Rd.,


Best chiropractor:

Dr. Kevin Maloney, 60 Riel Dr.,

1st Runner-up:      Dr. Peter Shipka, 120-39 St. Thomas St.,

2nd Runner-up:    TIE

Dr. Corey Graham, 50-17 Boudreau Rd.,


Dr. Jamie Smith, 60-200 St. Albert Trail,


Best dental clinic:

Cadence Dental, 101-51 Inglewood Dr.,

1st Runner-up:      Family Dental, 502-22 Sir Winston Churchill Ave.,

2nd Runner-up:   Bright Dental, 210-5 Giroux Rd.,


Best dentist:

Dr. Melonie MacDonald, 140 St. Albert Trail,

1st Runner-up:    TIE

Dr. Andre Nobert, 54 St. Michael St.,


Dr. Steven Ponich (Akinsdale Dental Centre), 31 Fairview Blvd.


Best massage therapist:

Cathrine Beirnes, 206-150 Bellerose Dr.,

1st Runner-up:  TIE

Amanda Taylor, 120-30 Green Grove Dr.,


Annie Landry, 221-7 St. Anne St.,


Best medical clinic:

Grandin Medical Clinic,  1 St. Anne St.,

1st Runner-up: TIE

Solace Medical Clinic, 36 St. Thomas St.,


Summit Centre Family Clinic, 209-200 Boudreau Rd.,


Best physiotherapist:

Anita Cassidy, 130-145 Carleton Dr.,

1st Runner-up:    James Dean, 2012 Tudor Glen Place,

2nd Runner-up:  Chad Burden, 200 Boudreau Rd.,

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