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Best of T8N – Education

January, 2016

Best preschool

Treehouse Preschool, 100 Sir Winston Churchill Ave.,

1st Runner-up:    St. Albert Public Schools,

2nd Runner-up: Pollywogs to Leaping Frogs, 20 Green Grove Dr.,


Best public elementary school:

Leo Nickerson Elementary, 10 Sycamore Ave.,

1st Runner-up:   Muriel Martin Elementary, 110 Deer Ridge Dr.,

2nd Runner-up: Sir Alexander Mackenzie Elementary, 61 Sir Winston Churchill Ave.,


Best catholic elementary school:

J.J. Nearing Catholic Elementary, 196 Deer Ridge Dr.,

1st Runner-up:   Neil M Ross Catholic Elementary, 60 Woodlands Rd.,

2nd Runner-up: École Marie Poburan Catholic Elementary, 100 Sir Winston Churchill Ave.,


Best public junior high:


Lorne Akins Junior High, 4 Fairview Blvd.,


École Sir George Simpson Junior High, 50 Grosvenor Blvd.,

2nd Runner-up: William D. Cuts Junior High, 149 Larose Dr.,


Best catholic junior high:

Vincent J Maloney Catholic Junior, 20 Mont Clare Pl.,

1st Runner-up:   Richard S Fowler Catholic Junior, 65 Sir Wintson Churchill Ave.,

2nd Runner-up: École Secondaire Sainte Marguerite d’Youville, 51 Boudreau Rd.,


Best senior high school:

Bellerose Composite High, 49 Giroux Rd.,

1st Runner-up:   Paul Kane High, 12 Cunningham Rd.,

2nd Runner-up: St. Albert Catholic High, 33 Malmo Ave.,


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