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Homemade Gift Wrapping: THAT’S a WRAP! - Give store-bought wrap its walking papers

December, 2015

Okay, we might be showing off a little here, but the holidays all but call for it. Truth be told, all eight of the projects were simple to make. And the results—breathtaking! Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are definitely a few of our favourite things. Happy holidays!
  1. Buttons: Who needs bows when you have buttons. Thread them on string and use as ribbon, or glue them on newspaper flowers.
  2. Photo Tags: What’s better than seeing your name on a present? Seeing your picture! Simply scan old photographs and cut them into tags. You’ll find free templates everywhere on the Internet.
  3. String Art: There are no rules to decorating with string, so let your imagination guide you. Wrap it haphazardly in zigzags, weave it into patterns—whatever suits your fancy.
  4. Craft Paper: Brown craft paper is a perfect blank canvas. We added cutouts, built paper highways and generally amused ourselves. Give it a try.
  5. Nature: A simple twig, a snip of cedar or a sprig of herbs is all it takes to personalize a gift. And what a great element of surprise.
  6. Photo Wrap: If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then here’s an idea that’s priceless. Scan, paste, smile, repeat.
  7. Lunch Bags: Brown bagging it has never looked so good. Add ribbons, buttons, cards, stickers, stamps, greenery—or simply hand-draw your best Christmas tree.
  8. Homemade Stamps: Here’s a great project for the whole family. Glue interesting buttons to the tops of wine corks, and get stamping. t8n
Wrapped present with Buttons
Button Wrap
paper wrapping creations
Craft Paper
Nature Accents
Photo Gift Tags
Home made stamps using corks
Homemade Stamps
Home made picture frame
Photo Wrap
Home created wrappings
String Art

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