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St. Albert Golf Courses

July, 2016

The summer rains have been hitting pretty hard lately, and many of us have been hiding away inside in an attempt to stay dry. But the downpours have at least one positive side effect: The golf courses around St. Albert are looking beautiful and green. Next time the clouds clear, you might want to get out there and play a few rounds, either to practice your swing or just to get a good look at the lush grounds. Here is everything you need to know about the major golf courses that surround our city.

Sturgeon Valley Golf & Country Club

Sturgeon Valley first opened its gates in 1960 along the banks of the Sturgeon River, and it quickly became a second home for many St. Albert golfers. Sturgeon Valley caters mainly to its paying members, but it also welcomes public golfers looking to make use of the beautiful grounds. As a public golfer, a round of 18 holes will cost you between $58 and $89, depending on the day you visit and whether or not you require a cart. It’s a bit pricier than some of the other courses in the area, but if you can afford it, the experience is well worth the cost.

Terrae Pines Golf & Country Club

Terrae Pines is a public golf course located just north of the city along Highway 2. The grounds are meticulously maintained, and the prices are very affordable. The gentle holes are perfect for those just learning how to play or figuring out if golf is the sport for them. A full round with no extra frills will cost you around $43, but those with a little extra money weighing down their pockets might want to grab dinner in the clubhouse restaurant or do a bit of shopping after their round is done.

Sandpiper Golf & Country Club

Sandpiper is located north of Big Lake and has many stunning ponds and even a river that will either win you over with their beauty or enrage you as you watch another of your balls sink below the surface of the water. For those who are skilled enough to avoid the many challenging hazards, Sandpiper offers an excellent golfing experience. For a full round, you can expect to pay around $59. Just remember to pack a few extra balls.

Twin Willows Golf Club

You can find Twin Willows on the outskirts of Edmonton, just south of St. Albert. Twin Willows is by far the oldest course in the area, having opened in 1946. Experienced golfers might not find much of a challenge here, but this course is excellent for first-timers as it will teach them everything they need to know about the game. As Edmonton has grown and industrial businesses have moved in, the scenery of the surrounding area has suffered a bit, but what you lose out on in terms of natural beauty is made up for by the affordable pricing. A full round will cost you around $44.

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