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Sport Fashion: Athleisure - The sport of being at the height of fashion.

June, 2018

If you’ve ever felt self-conscious running out of the house in your sweatpants, don’t fret, you couldn’t be more on trend—sort of. ‘Athleisure’ is a bona fide look that melds the comfort of athletic wear with high fashion—tailored lines and luxe materials—for a cool, easygoing vibe. But it’s more than an excuse to wear yoga pants all day (not that there’s anything wrong with that); the trick is pairing casual active wear with chic pieces for an outfit that’s stylish yet relaxed. Here’s how to sport the look.


1. J/Slides Adelynn Sneaker, $230; J/Slides Alara Sneaker, $218; both from Bella Maas Boutique.










2. S-Q Chloe Convertible Backpack, $75, from Diverse Boutique.











3. Bella Dahl Frayed Seams Back Dress $225;
Matt & Nat ‘Drew’ (Large) Crossbody, $194;
both from Bella Maas Boutique. Apollo Originals Classic Snapback Cap, $39, from Diverse Boutique.
Reebok Footwear, $49, from Winners.















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