Mission Mule

January, 2021

Homemade ginger syrup and the punch from the green chili vodka make this drink a unique twist on a Moscow mule. 

Serve with slices of green chili for an extra kick!

2 oz. green chili vodka

2 oz. ginger syrup (recipe below)

3-4 oz. club soda

Combine the vodka, the ginger syrup and the club soda in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake a few times and pour the mixture into a cocktail glass. Serve with fresh ginger.

Non-alcoholic switch-up

2 oz. Garden 108 Seedlip

2 oz. ginger syrup

3-4 oz. club soda

Same instructions as for the alcoholic drink!

Homemade Ginger Syrup

8 oz. peeled fresh ginger

⅔ c. sugar

6 oz. water

⅛tsp. sumac

In a food processor, grind up the fresh ginger into pieces that will not fit through a fine mesh strainer. 

In a saucepan, over medium low heat, dissolve the sugar in the water. Add in the ginger and the sumac and let simmer for eight-10 minutes.

Let cool and sit in the refrigerator overnight.

Strain the syrup into a clean jar and refrigerate for up to two weeks.

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