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QUAINT BY NUMBERS: Let the countdown begin!

December, 2015

Advent calendars — besides being a genius excuse to eat chocolate every morning (for a month!), they’re also pretty fun to make. And so inexpensive. Most of ours were constructed from a single package of coordinating scrapbook papers and a brown paper bag—all of which we already had. The only real challenge? Not running out of chocolates. Sigh… Know your limit. DIY within it.

Cake Box Calendar

artistic boxes arranged on cake platterMaterials: cake pedestal or large plate,
24 cake boxes, coordinating craft paper, 24 paper seals, 8 pinecones, scissors, glue, pen

  1. Construct your cake boxes, and place a treat inside each of them.
  2. Decorate the outside edge of each box with a strip of craft paper. We chose 4 different patters of paper, all from the same package of scrapbook paper.
  3. Cut out 24 circles to use as number tags, and glue a paper seal in the centre of each circle. Number them accordingly, from 1 to 24, and glue a number tag on each box.
  4. Arrange the boxes on your pedestal (3 rows of 8), and decorate the top of the “cake” with pinecones.

Mini-Muffin Calendar

Materials: mini-muffin pan, 24 treats, coordinating craft paper, 12 snowflake appliques, 24 paper seals, scissors, glue, pen

  1. Measure your muffin pan to determine what sized circles you’ll need to cover the muffin openings (the circles can touch each other but shouldn’t overlap).
  2. Cut out 24 circles. We chose 3 different patterns of paper and cut 8 circles from each.
  3. Glue a snowflake to the centre of 12 circles. Then glue a paper seal in the centre of each snowflake. Glue the remaining 12 seals on the remaining 12 circles.
  4. Number them accordingly, from 1 to 24.
  5. Place a treat in each muffin hole, and with a little glue, secure a circle over each opening.

Paper-Cone Advent Garland
artistic paper hanging from garlandMaterials: 24 squares of paper (approximately 7”x7”), 24 paper seals, tape, decorative string, pen

  1. Fold your squares of paper into cones, and tack the sides closed with tape (see image).
  2. Place a treat in each cone, and then fold down the top of each cone, leaving just enough space to thread your garland string through. Secure each cone closed with a paper seal, and number them accordingly, from 1 to 24.
  3. Thread the cones onto your string, and space them out evenly.
  4. Hang the garland in a zigzag across a window or in scallops along a mantle or shelf.

Love Letter Advent Calendar

Materials: 24 envelopes, 24 pieces of notepaper, 24 paper seals, decorative string, pen, 24 clothespins

  1. Write a special message on each piece of notepaper. Then place a message in each envelope, and secure each envelope closed with a paper seal.
  2. Number each envelope accordingly, from 1 to 24.
  3. Use clothespins to secure the envelopes to the decorative string, and hang the garland.   t8n


Fold Your Own

Homemade envelopes are a cinch to make. Simply cut out four circles, and start folding.


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