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Online Classes and Learning: GETTING SCHOOLED

May, 2016

Are you a wannabe professional student but find the ramen dinners, bus commutes and 100-students-per-class a bit too much? Consider online courses. They’re convenient for those who work full-time, and the range of subjects they explore boast a diversity that you won’t find offered on the usual post-secondary course lists. The following are a few online courses to whet your appetite. Who knows? You may just find your new calling.

Get On Pointe

Ballet Beautiful

For those who desire a more elegant workout, this online course could be for you. Taught by New York ballerina Mary Helen Bowers (who was Natalie Portman’s personal trainer for the Black Swan), these courses offer different ways in which you can learn ballet. There are one-on-one lessons where you interact in real-time with Bowers during the class, group classes and customized training where Bowers devises two new workouts per month for you based on your workout goal (strengthening, toning, even exercises for pre- and post-natal women).

Price: Starts at $9.99USD/lesson, $39.99USD/month for custom workout subscription

Fine print: Private lessons are subject to -availability and are more expensive

For more info: Visit

Teach a Man to Fish…

Online Angling University

Enjoy the peace of fly-fishing from your own home. These classes are taught by pros and are for kids, adults, pros and hobbyists. You can take single courses (perhaps on casting the fly) or take the entire online package. You can learn how to differentiate trout from other trout, tye knots, catch and release—there’s even an entomology and fly section course. This university streams to you from Denver.

Price: Starts at $4.99USD/lesson, $29.99USD for the complete online package

For more info: Visit

The Intimate Apparel

Bra Makers Supply

Most, if not all, women have a heck of a time finding a bra that fits perfectly, not to mention one that looks pretty and not like an egg carton. What if you could make such a bra? If you have good sewing skills, you could. Bra Makers Supply in Hamilton, ON, has all the info you need, including a link to where you can learn the art of how to make bras. You can also learn how to sew designer bras, customs cups and even a swimsuit. The classes are taught by Beverly Johnson, who’s been sewing her dance costumes and swimsuits for years, and include seven video lessons with anytime access, class materials and hours of close-up instruction.

Price: Starts at $31.76CAD/class

For more info: Visit

Too Old for Scouts?

Outdoor Life University

If you want to be like Les Stroud from Survivor-man but haven’t found the courage to go to that extreme, try this online course that will teach you how to survive the outdoors with what you find around you. Tim MacWelch has twenty years of instructing survival courses, writes for Outdoor Life magazine and has trained people in the US Armed Forces and the Department of Defense. You’ll learn the basics, such as finding or making a shelter, getting water, food and medicine and navigating in a number of situations. There are exams and homework to complete, as well as discussions with other students via a visual link.

Price: Starts at $24.95USD

For more info: Visit

Be a Kitchen Samurai

Complete Knife Skills

Does it make you envious to watch chefs wield a knife to an onion and within three seconds have it sliced and diced and in a frying pan? Taught by Chef Brendan -McDermott, this course offers you four lessons on how to use your knives for the basics: how to dice, mince and -julienne. You receive anytime-anywhere access, downloadable recipes, nearly two hours of close-up instruction and answers from your fellow students via a virtual classroom.

Price: This class is free!

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