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ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER: Long live leftovers

December, 2015

Walnut biscotti covered in chocolate

It’s official. Leftovers have never had it so good. In fact, when your favourite biscotti turns into your favourite cheesecake, it’s time to start calling them impressed-overs. And we are! But don’t think we stopped there. We also transformed couscous into Mexican croquettes, adorable stuffed tomatoes and the crunchiest fish tenders imaginable. Impressed-overs, indeed. Happy eating.

Check out this month’s recipes here:

Orange & Lemon Cranberry Walnut Biscotti

Lemon Cheesecake with Boscotti Crust

Cheesecake Lollies

Couscous Crusted Fish Tenders

Couscous Stuffed Tomatoes

Mexican Couscous & Corn Croquettes

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