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Kids in the Kitchen: Get youngsters stirred up for mealtime with tasty recipes they can help prepare.

February, 2019

Convincing kids to eat at designated mealtimes can be a challenge. But what better way to get them excited about food than to nurture their inner chef?

These recipes were designed with kids’ appetites and involvement in mind, which is why we’ve included vegetable chopping tips for those old enough to wield a knife, as well as recipes with ever-exciting hand mixers and blenders. Just be sure to supervise children closely throughout their culinary adventures—particularly around hot ovens and stovetops—so that everyone enjoys a safe and fun experience.

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Cucumber & Pepper Salad

Easy Bolognese Sauce

Pizza Dough

Fresh Pizza Sauce

Fluffy Pancakes

Raspberry Sauce

Chantilly Whipped Cream

Colourful Cookie Bars


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