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June 15 Newsletter: Best of the Web

June, 2016

Here are a few websites to amuse the dads this week, but everyone else can enjoy them, too.

ANYONE CAN DO DIYMitre 10 Hardware Store (Kindergarten Sandpit) (Class Roll-call)
As it’s nearly Father’s Day, here’s something for fathers—or anyone—who loves a good DIY project. Have a look at these New Zealand commercials for a big chain hardware store to get your DIY-mojo going. They may just inspire you to start or finish that job you’ve been putting off.

Are you space nut? Do you unconsciously look up at the night sky and try to answer the big universe questions? Well, NASA has a great site for any wannabe astronaut, including this site where it gives you a heads-up (pun intended) when the International Space Station will orbit over your hometown.

OUR SMALL & COMPLEX WORLDGlobal Oneness Project
The Global Oneness Project is a site designed for high school and post-secondary classrooms to share multiculturalism through stories, videos and photo essays. Its purpose is to inform the next generation, as well as the present one, about the varied social, and environmental and cultural issues this big world has. Their films have been featured on National Geographic and PBS. Start with Celeritas—which took three years to film to show the relationship between nature and the modern world—then explore on your own.

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