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Fall Foliage Sites in St. Albert

September, 2016

Autumn in Alberta is as beautiful as it is short. Even now, in the first week of September, the leaves are starting to change colour and fall, and by the time Halloween rolls around, they won’t be much more than a memory. The trees in and around St. Albert might not be much to look at now, but if you’re hoping to snap a few photos or just take in the beauty of the season, you should start planning your fall-foliage trips soon. Here are some of our favourite locations from last autumn.

Mission Hill: While most of the greenery in St. Albert fades to a bright yellow, Mission Hill boasts some beautiful reds, making it a must-visit location this fall.



Red Willow Trail: The Sturgeon Valley isn’t quite as large as Edmonton’s river valley, nor does it have as many trees, but when it comes to autumn foliage, fewer trees can be an advantage. The Red Willow Trail doesn’t overwhelm your senses in the way that a heavily forested area might, and it allows you to appreciate each tree as you pass by.


Highway 2: The old farm buildings that line the highways north of St. Albert are pretty enough on their own, but they always seem most beautiful in the fall, fading alongside the summer. Always make sure you have permission before taking photos on someone’s farmland.

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