Downtown T8N

April, 2018

Every town and small city needs a vibrant downtown area.  These downtowns are best filled with local businesses offering unique products and services all in an attractive setting.

St. Albert is no exception to this rule.  Fortunately, St. Albert has a downtown area which is steeped in history and beautifully situated.

But, with as much as St. Albert has to offer, we wonder if our downtown has achieved the level of engagement and degree of emotional connection that it deserves.  While we hope that most St. Albertans can remember great times they have experienced in our downtown core, we wish to share the stories of people, businesses and the history of the downtown area to enhance that connection.

We offer you this publication in hopes we will inspire you to visit our downtown more often and to spend more time and money there. By doing this, we can help local businesses and the downtown community thrive, and this will only help our community as a whole to thrive.

We hope you enjoy this publication, and hope to deliver a second volume to you soon.

Rob Lightfoot, Publisher.





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