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10 Items for your Bathroom Cabinet

March, 2022

Green-oriented products that benefit you and the earth

To take liberties with an old phrase, a healthy planet leads to healthy lives. What better way to live up to that chestnut than by upgrading your medicine cabinet with items that will do both the biosphere and yourself a lot of good? Local producers who keep eco-friendliness and personal health top of mind have gone all out with such hygiene products as natural deodorant, handmade soaps and body lotion bars and even hairbrushes and bandages made from bamboo. Here’s a look at a few items designed to treat you and your world. t8n

Top Row 

KMH Flosspot Pure Silk Dental Floss $11, Patch Natural Bamboo Strip Bandages $13.95, Bamboo Toothbrush $8.50, Naked Swab $13 and Change Tooth Paste Tablets $12.95 from Simplify Sustainable Living

Shave Soap $25 and Safety Razor $105, Synthetic Shaving Brush $70 from Like Grandpa Grooming Products

Centre Row

Earth Warrior Reusable Cotton Wipes $16 from Simplify Sustainable Living

Elate Bamboo Blending Brush $21, Elate Bamboo Eye Colour Brush $21, Elate Bamboo Multi-Use Brush $28, Elate Pressed Eye Colour Refills $18 each, Elate Essential Mascara $30, Elate Bamboo Tri Palette $24, Elate Lip Colour Pencil $25 and Elate Eye Colour Pencil $21 from Concept Jewelry Design

Kooshoo Plastic-Free Hair Ties $19.50  and Aisle Menstrual Cup $40 from ­Simplify Sustainable Living

Third Row

Rest: Chamomile & Lavender Essential Oil Bath Soak $10, Rosemary Mint Body Soap $8  and Mike’s Concrete Soap Dish $9, from Mike + Jenn Craft Soap

Wild Persephone Eco-Friendly Shower Poufs $24 from Simplify Sustainable Living

Jack 59 Bamboo Hair Brush $19.95 from Simplify Sustainable Living

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