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May 26 Newsletter: Snippet of Summer in the City: Geocaching

May, 2016


two young tourist determine the route map and navigator
“Two young tourists determine the route map and navigator” Photo courtesy of T8N Publishing

Geocaches are everywhere. In fact, you’re probably within walking distance of one right now. Alarmed? Don’t be. Geocaching is a fun exploration game that’s gained a strong following in the Edmonton area. In fact, Strathcona County is home to the second-oldest geocache in Canada. But how exactly do you play? Where did it even come from? And how do you get started? Wonder no more.

Geocaching is a type of way-finding game that uses GPS technology in order to lead players on a kind of scavenger hunt. Members of the geocaching community hide small waterproof containers in locations all around the world and post coordinates online for other geocachers to find. The containers always contain a logbook and, sometimes, a small trinket as a reward. When you find a geocache, you are meant to sign and date the logbook as proof of your victory, and you can even take a trinket from the cache, as long as you leave one of your own for the next geocacher to find. Anyone at all can play, as long as your cellphone has GPS capability.

To find out the full set of geocaching rules, as well as how you can get started, visit our new publication’s website at

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