November 2017

October, 2017



The Story of the World’s Calendars
Keeping Track of Time

The holidays aren’t always easy to plan for, but if it’s Christian Christmas you celebrate, at least it’s easy to remember when… Read

John Pichlyk
Meet John Pichlyk - Discovering identity through dance

Spend any time in central Alberta and you’ll realize how much the Ukrainian culture has helped define our regional identity. Edmonton’s Ukrainian… Read



Soul Fitness Mind Body Studios
Finding your inner calm through yoga

Lisa Babiuk didn’t even like yoga the first time she tried it. “It was too slow,” she says, “and I was really… Read



Spiritual movies
At the Box Office - Divine Comedy

Religion, spirituality, belief in a higher power… sounds like heady stuff, doesn’t it? But faith need not be serious all the time.… Read


Hello, cocktail season! Huh. I was sure I was going to say November. Let me try that again: Ahem… Hell-o, Cocktail Season! Nope. This letter definitely wants to be about cocktails. The question is, how does one work cocktails into an holiday issue that’s themed around faith and religion? Easy. You let the spirits move you!

That’s right. This month’s issue is exploring all things “spiritual.” From the philosophies behind yoga and visual storytelling to the traditions and science that shape our lunar and solar calendars, this month’s articles reach for the beyond. But we’re not stopping there. We’re also exploring the practical side of the holiday season. As in, what do you need to know if it’s your first holiday season with your special someone, and dinner with the in-laws involves religious traditions that are foreign to you?
Also on our discovery list: the history of Advent calendars and the origin of OMG and SMS language. I’m also pretty sure someone mentioned cocktails. But rather than revisiting that questionable pun, I’ll just say cheers to November.

Here’s to a joyous holiday season.