Elements – Product Mood board: It’s Elementary - Bringing the elements indoors

March, 2018

Earth, air, fire and water—the classical elements say a lot about our ancestors’ connection to the world outside. With all our modern comforts and technologies though, it’s a connection that can feel like it’s missing from our lives. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to bring those elemental powers into your home, so it’s not a difficult connection to rediscover. The simple joys of minerals, rocks and oils can spruce up your home in so many ways. Just have a look at these diamonds in the rough.


Kystyna Glass Hand Blown Glass Oil Lamps – Modern Eyes Gallery and Gifts, $74 each
Madoc Rocks Handmade Rock Coasters, from Season’s Gift Shop, $10 each




Gemstone, Sandalwood and Essential Oil Lava Diffuser Bracelets, from Frog Alley, $20 each


Sundhed Pure Himalayan Salt Lamp (4 – 6 Kg), from Amaranth Whole Foods, $35.99




Glee Jewelry ‘Thelma’ and ‘Janaka’ Necklaces $32 and $36, and ‘Geode’ Earrings $30, from Season’s Gift Shop



S. Pellegrino Carbonated Natural Mineral Water, from Mercato, $2.64




AOW Solutions Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser $92.79, with assorted diffuser oils, from Amaranth Whole Foods



Living Granite Air Plants, from Home Depot, $6.99 each