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HPV Vaccinations
Cancer Prevention Is Here

Have you ever given money to help find a cure for cancer? You probably have: according to the Canadian Cancer Society, in… Read


Local Jewelry Design
All that Glitters - Emotion and celebration meet jewellery design

There’s much more to jewellery than simple decoration. For the wearer, the power of jewellery lies in its ability to express emotions… Read



Snackers Love Crackers Hello, Yummy Valentine!   It’s that romantic time of year when one’s thoughts and surrendered inhibitions melt indulgently into…… Read


Sex Talk … With Your Parents!
Tips for making the awkward less awkward

Oh, the good old days, when having “the talk” only required eye-rolling and righteous indignation on your part. Well, welcome to Part… Read


Good Earth Coffeehouse
Coffee fuelling community and relationships

For many people, coffee shops serve an important communal need in our culture: they’re a place to gather—a go-to spot for work… Read

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Valentine’s Day