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Renovations – Good for Resale??
Doing Your Homework - Should you renovate for personal enjoyment or resale value? Stop us if you heard this one: a contractor and a realtor walk into a house...

Among the sublime joys of owning a house, it’s hard to say where renovations rank. Judging by the number of home renovation… Read


The St. Albert Quilters’ Guild
Stitching together cozy blankets and a warm community, one patch at a time.

For close to 40 years, the St. Albert Quilters’ Guild has been keeping the city warm through the art of quilting. Forming… Read


Kids in the Kitchen
Get youngsters stirred up for mealtime with tasty recipes they can help prepare.

Convincing kids to eat at designated mealtimes can be a challenge. But what better way to get them excited about food than… Read


Give your decor a dash of froufrou with DIY pompoms.

Looking for a quirky decor project that’s fast, colourful and fun? Pompoms are a delightful way to brighten a room—and they’re easy… Read

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St. Albert’s Southwest Street Names