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March, 2024

For leaf lovers, here’s what’s steeping in cups around town.

Coffee might be king to some, but tea’s a titan drink not to be trifled with. Still, that hasn’t stopped eateries and retailers from experimenting with blends and other food items to attract folks with more eclectic tastes. Here’s what’s brewing among eight local establishments.

Brown Sugar Milk Tea

The title might be misleading, considering some of the other elements that Tealicious Blend puts into this offering. Besides roasted brown sugar, black tea and fresh milk, the drink gets an extra boost with a tapioca base crowned with a dollop of homemade cheese.

11 St. Anne St.

Chamomile Flower Infusions

Chamomile tea is known for its fruitiness and its calming effect on drinkers, But the Gioielli Tea Company, which creates some 250 varieties of tea, recently went all out to get the highest quality chamomile flowers from Egypt for an infusion that accentuates the aroma and flavour.

Dirty Chai

Thank the Italians for coming up with high-octane espresso coffee, which they cleverly add to a traditional tea. The folks at La Crema Caffe will drop a shot or two of the stuff into a mix of steamed milk and black tea spiced with the likes of cardamom and cinnamon for full effect.

44 St. Thomas St.

Genmaicha Tea

Those who imbibe at Freshly Squeezed Premium Fruit Bubble Tea and hanker for something different might opt for this combination of Japanese green tea and whole roasted brown rice. It’s especially highly lauded for keeping sippers warm during the winter months.

175-375 St. Albert Tr.

Green Tea

You’ll find thousands of green tea variations worldwide, but you never know which one you’ll get at Whisk Bakeshop & Coffeehouse. Edmonton supplier The Tea Girl rotates those offerings regularly, meaning you might get mint gunpowder on one occasion and electric blue lemonade during a repeat visit.

186-1 Tache St.

Lotus Love Tea Latte

Health-oriented eatery KB&Co continues to make good on its gluten-free, organic, and NGO mission statement with this offering that takes the exotic properties of lotus pollen and blends it with Earl Grey tea. Round it out with almond milk, blue spirulina, maple syrup, and vanilla, and you’re good to go.

210-840 St. Albert Tr.


Mad Men bigwig Don Draper probably never had this combination in mind whenever he ordered an old-fashioned. The Good Earth Coffee House variation does away with the alcohol, instead using organic black tea, chai, orange syrup blended with orange with a cherry garnish.

130 Bellerose Dr.

Watermelon Sugar

Named after a Harry Styles song, this oolong tea doesn’t contain melon, but it certainly matches the colour of one when poured into a cup. Those who drop in at Yard Divas Tea & Fibre Emporium can sample a cup of the fruity concoction while searching for materials to finally get that sweater knitted.

10 Tache Mews West

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