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June, 2018

Getting older may bring changes to your vision

At Sturgeon Vision Centre, we want to help you address your changing visual needs, as well as help you receive the appropriate medical care that you may need. Follow Carl, our fictitious friend, through his vision care as he may have some of the same issues that you may be experiencing.

Carl is 68, retired and now works on his golf game. He plays four days a week—more if his wife lets him, less if his grandkids visit. When he’s not golfing, he spends time on the computer or iPad reading newspapers, playing solitaire and keeping up with the stock market. Lately, he’s been having trouble seeing the golf ball, and finds night driving challenging with the glaring headlights. Because his mother and brother both have glaucoma (loss of peripheral vision), he worries about his risk of developing it.

To test for glaucoma, the optometrist does a visual field test to assess his central and peripheral vision, and used the optical coherence tomography (OCT) to determine if there is optic nerve damage. The tests discovered he has borderline high-intraocular pressure (glaucoma suspect), so he’ll need to be tested annually for changes. For his blurred vision, the optometrist did a thorough, non-invasive external and internal examination of the eyes, and discovered Carl has significant cataracts in both eyes. A consultation appointment was set up with a local cataract surgeon.

Carl was encouraged by his optometrist not to get new progressives since his prescription would change again after the cataract surgery. Until his surgery, to help with his neck strain when he’s on the computer, Carl decided he wanted personalized computer glasses with blue light protection. He also wants to try and improve his golf game; the Maui Jim sunglasses have special lenses that offer extra contrast and colour on the fairways and
greens, which may help him.

Your vision is precious, which is why you should choose your eye-care provider based on your trust and comfort level. Your questions should be thoroughly answered, and you should be treated in a respectful and caring manner.

Sturgeon Vision Centre is now accepting new patients and we want to earn your trust. We would be honoured to be part of your health care team. We look forward to seeing you.


Alberta Health Care & Seniors

Ages 65+: Alberta Health Care covers one complete eye exam/year. Additional exams and/or treatments may be covered based on medical needs, such as glaucoma, diabetes or cataract follow-up or monitoring. Go to www.optometrists.ab.ca
for more information.

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