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Holiday Gift Samples

January, 2021

Yuletide treats for the tummy worth sampling

Back when the family vehicle was powered by a horse instead of an engine, food was a regular gift item over the holiday season. Fortunately, giving food remains in style, namely because they always seem to taste better this time of year and those who receive these goodies are more than willing to share. With that in mind, T8N has compiles a short list of edible gift options for those craving something more delectable under the tree.

1. Raptor Spiced Rum 750ml $21, Raptor Dark Rum 375ml $14.50 from T-Rex Distillery (bottom left)

2. Mezos Roastery Almonds BBQ $8.49 and Honey Roasted Peanuts $4.99 from Mercato Italian Bakery (Top left)

3. Nudefood Natural Peanut Butter $12.99 from Sobeys (Top Centre)

4. Bean to Bar Chocolate Bars $5 each and nine-piece Window Box Bon Bons starting at $22 from Au Chocolat (Centre)

5. Castelvetrano Olives $19.99/kg and Beer Sticks $36.99/kg from Mercato Italian Bakery (Centre right)

6. San Francisco Sourdough Bread $4.49 from Sobeys (Top right)

7. Berry Berry Honey Strawberry Lemon Dressing $9.99 from Sobeys (bottom centre)

8. Small Round Top Maple and Exotic Wood Cutting Board $25 from WoodsEdge (Bottom right)

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